The Display View box

This box is used to display just the part of the schedule you are interested in. Fill in what you want to view, and then click on the Display View button.

This can save you time when dealing with a large schedule, particularly if you are using a mobile device. For example, if you wanted to reserve a tennis court for Friday evening, you could hone the schedule down to just that by selecting Friday in the Its Day of Week dropdown menu, and 5PM and 8PM in the Item's Start Time fields. If you decide a temporary view will be of use to you in the future, click on the Save link on the signup page's title line.

Match Criteria

A view displays the schedule items that match all the entered criteria. If no criteria are entered, the full schedule is displayed.


  1. If only one field of a date/time row is filled in, the other is set to the same value.
  2. If both are filled in, all items in the range match. For example, if you enter both 1PM and 4PM, all schedule items starting anywhere from 1PM to 4PM would match.
  3. More on dates:
  4. In a grid view, when whole rows and/or whole columns are not part of the view, the grid simply gets smaller. When just some cells in a row are not part of the current view, those cells display what they normally display — but dimmer and smaller.

Choosing a View Layout

Your event staff should provide appropriate ways to view an event's schedule, but you can choose your own views/layouts when desired. The List layouts are good for smaller or irregular schedules. The Grid layouts are good for dense, repetitive schedules (e.g. reserving tennis courts). The Calendar layouts (particularly in conjunction with showing only available schedule items) can help you see the big picture when you are putting the finishing touches on your plans.

Saving a Temporary View

If you decide a temporary view will be of use to you in the future, make it permanent by clicking on the Save link on the signup page's title line. Once a temporary view has been saved as a personal schedule in this way, you can display it whenever you want:

Managing Your Personal Schedules

This page lists all the personal schedules you have created. From it, you can:


  1. Unprivileged users cannot Copy or Move a schedule into an event that is already over.
  2. Unprivileged users cannot Rename or Show an event that is already over.