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Topic's Subject: When does PrestoGEM close off self-signups for a particular activity at a given location? (12/30/17)
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From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
> Does PrestoGEM close off self-signups for a particular activity/location a fixed number of
> hours or minutes before the activity/location begins?
> Is there a way we can change that number of hours or minutes?
Yes, you control it via the Signup/Cancel Deadline in the Update Sched's Props box (accessed via Make Signup Sched page ->Do Setup Action dropdown). Click on the Learn How To link of this box for details.

> In which time zone is PrestoGEM set up?
At your level, it is not relevant. But for the record, it is Eastern time.

> Does PrestoGEM observe the usual conventions for daylight savings time?

> Does PrestoGEM know which time zone a group should be associated with?
You set a group's time zone via the Configure Group page. (You can also override this for a specific signup schedule via the Update Sched's Props box).

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