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From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups

Multi-signup Actions

You can now move/reassign, cancel, approve, or set status of multiple signups at once:

  • Do Status menu->Select / Move or Status menu->Sel / Reassign for some signup.
  • Click on the Select link of the other signups you want to process.
  • Click a target schedule item to move the selected signups there.
    Do one of the other actions on them via the Or Do This menu.

Cancel, Reassign, and Approve send notification messages if you have set this up. However if multiple signups are selected, the Allow You to Edit It policy degrades to the Automatically Send It policy.

Smart Check-in

If the Smart Check-in event property is turned on, a formal check-in period for a signup starts 60 minutes before its schedule item starts. Prior to that, a completed signup's status is Okay. When the check-in period starts, it becomes Open. If no check-in occurs by the time the schedule item ends, it becomes No Show.

If Smart Check-in is set to By Admin Only, an admin manually changing Open to another status is the only way check-in occurs. If it is set to Auto at Login, check-ins are done automatically when a user logs in (or revisits or refreshes Self-signup Home).

Handling of [Un]approved Signups

The Display View->Signups to Show menu now includes a Pending/Ready Signups item. Selecting this option causes only Pending and Ready signups to be displayed — ordered by creation-time oldest to newest. Also while this option is active, signups shown via zoom are shown in creation-time order as well.

You can now approve a category request without moving it to a specific schedule item. Conversely you can now unassign any signup, regardless of what schedule item it is in. In other words, Signup Style no longer enforces any restrictions regarding signup status. However as a convenience feature, Move still sets status to Ready on the assumption that you have just made a decision.


The default signup statuses and events to search are now better aligned with the 3 search contexts, Please see Search Page help, Email To-list help, Report Is-About help for details..

Signup-based searches have always found signups of deleted (but not expunged) people. Such search results are now explicitly indicated. Also you can now disable such matching by setting the 1st Expiration Date field to XD.

Note: The above changes and various bug fixes could occasionally cause a stored search to return a different result than previously.

Forum Changes

The Create and Update pages now have a Preview button.

Admins can now create group-specific announcements (via the new To field option Your Users Always — that only admins can see). An announcement remains displayed at the top of your group-specific section until the author deletes it.

The To field options group-name Only and Everyone have been renamed Your Group and All Groups.

Permanent Assignment of Calendar Colors

The Manage Why-unavailable Terms page has been renamed Manage UI Terms and Colors. This is because you can now use it to create permanent calendar colors for use when a schedule or a report is color coded. Note that PRESTO will still dynamically choose from its built-in 16-color palette as needed.

Add Color saves a single color binding. Also a dark palette has been added. If you set a thing's color to a color in it, the thing's text will be displayed in White instead of Black. The dark palette colors are: blue, darkgreen, darkslateblue, darkslategray, darkviolet, dimgray, firebrick, and saddlebrown.

Bind Current Schedule to Built-in Colors does an Add Color for the first 16 color-coded things in the schedule.

Small Changes

A large number of small changes have been implemented. If you have a question or negative reaction to anything, please report it. A sampling:

  • Admin Home now has 1-click access to the schedule views of ongoing/upcoming events.
  • Schedule pages now have links to update and select views throughout the page — so you do not have to scroll back to the top of a large schedule any more.
  • Narrow grids and calendars can now display signups 2 across when there are enough signups at a schedule item. Currently "enough" is 5 for grids and 3 for calendars.
  • Added the Regrets signup status. It is one way to handle an excused-absence signup. For more on this (and the other status's), click the Do and Manage Signups link on the See/do Signups page.
  • Make/Assign Task has been renamed Add Multiple Items & Signups.
  • Display View's Date fields now support Today-relative months. For example, 0m thru 1m means 1st day of the current month thru the last day of the next month.

Services and Sliceable Activities

Final testing of this feature HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED. Barring new issues, formal release will occur in a few weeks. This preliminary version has been made available so interested groups can help shake it out and possibly get their suggestions into the initial release.

To try out this feature, click on the Create buttons and Help link at the bottom of the Manage Activities page.

These activity types are used when you want to give users the ability to book slices of time within a schedule item's overall time period. A sliceable activity is an on-site activity that operates like an appointment book. A service is a named use of a provider for some period of time. For example, a hair stylist offers services like "Trim (30 min)", "Perm (1 hr)", and so on.

Sliceable activities and services are of use when the duration of schedule items is up to the user. In particular:

  • Making an appointment with a service provider, as in the example above.
  • Reserving a resource, like a baby sitter or tennis court, for 60 minutes or 120 minutes.
  • Committing to part of a need, like manning the phones at a fund raiser for 1, 2, or 3 hours.

Also note that sliceable activities result in very compact schedules (e.g. 1 schedule item per tennis court per day, rather than 1 per court per schedulable time).

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