Getting Started

To use a PRESTO group's website, you must belong to the group. You become part of a group by registering. Thereafter you gain access to the group by logging in.

While Logged In

After you login, you can:

Future Visits

To make it as easy as possible to revisit and login to your PRESTO group, you might want to do the following.

If you do not Logout when you leave this website, you will still be logged in when you come back. However if you need to leave PRESTO unattended in a public location, you should logout or password-protect your screen.

Your Personalized View

After you login, your name, links to your info, and your signups will be displayed at the bottom of Self-Signup Home:

How to Include Signups in a Calendar App

You can cause your upcoming signups to be shown in your calendar app — if it supports subscribing to an outside calendar via a URL. If not, see the next subsection.


You can click export your signups to create an .ics file. However if you have previously associated the .ics file extension with an app, your PC will run the app (rather than presenting a Save File box).

Note that sometimes an association is builtin. For example, on Windows 10, the default app for .ics is the Windows 10 Calendar app. If you want to export to a different calendar app, you need to update the .ics association to point to that calendar app.


To set sharing up, you need to do your calendar app's Subscribe via URL command, and enter this URL:  unavailable — you are not logged in.

Some examples of how to do this:

Testing of instructions/apps ongoing

Please email if you have problems or suggestions.

Google Calendar

  1. Click the + to the right of Other Calendars.
    (This is near the bottom of the calendar page's left sidebar).
  2. Then click on From URL.
  3. Then enter the bolded URL above.
  4. Then click the Add Calendar button.

iPhone Calendar

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other.
  2. Then Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
  3. Then enter the bolded URL above.
  4. Then tap Done.

Outlook Calendar

  1. Login at
  2. Then click Add Calendar in the left sidebar.
  3. Then click Subscribe from Web on the left sidebar of the Subscribe box.
  4. Then enter the bolded URL above (and a calendar name if you want).
  5. Then click the Import button.
  6. Then run the Windows 10 Calendar app.
  7. Then if you haven't already, add your account:
    do Calendar > Settings > Manage Accounts > Add account
    (Note: your signups will not appear under the default Microsoft account calendar).
  8. Then press the Ellipsis at the top right and press Sync.

Apple Mac Calendar

  1. Choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
  2. Then enter the bolded URL above.
  3. Then click Subscribe.
  4. Then enter a name for the calendar in the Name field.
  5. Then click the adjacent pop-up menu and choose a color.
  6. Then click the Location pop-up menu and choose an account for the subscription:
    iCloud account makes the calendar available on iCloud devices.
    On My Mac makes the calendar available on just your computer.
  7. Then click the Auto-refresh pop-up menu and choose how often to update the calendar.
  8. Then click OK.