Copying or Printing from a Web Page

Your Browser's Clipboard Features

Drag the mouse over the desired content (or do Edit->Select All) and then do Edit->Copy. If you want plain text, go to Notepad or another text-based product, and do a Paste there. If you want rich text, go to a word processor or the like, and do a Paste there.

Printing and Your Browser

Printing is actually done by your browser, even when PRESTO provides a print-box button. Print button or not, you can print any whole page — by using your browser's Print command (e.g. File->Print).

Per-job Setup Actions

Before printing, you might want to print a test page or use your browser's Print Preview command to see if pages will look right. Note that Print Preview of a boxed area (e.g. a report) only works properly in some browsers, for example Chrome. Otherwise you can save the output to a file or possibly show the frame in another window, and display and preview that.

If pages do not look right, you might want to try changing page orientation, page margin, or the Print Scale Factor. Unfortunately, the way you change these things is not the same across browsers (e.g. Firefox has a Properties button and Internet Explorer a Preferences button). Additionally the properties UI depends on what printer you have. So you need to check your printer's documentation.

One-time Setup Actions

Before your first print job, check your browser's Print properties. Use Page Setup... to clear any unwanted Header and Footer options and setup your preferred page size (i.e Portrait or Landscape orientation and whatever page margins you want).

You should also turn on Background Colors in general.