Event's Web Stages

Active Web Stages:

Inactive Web Stages:


  1. You can update an event's schedules after publishing them. But for a big change, you might want to set web stage back to Development first. Similarly if you ever actually need to cancel an event before it occurs, you can set its stage back to Development.
  2. A privileged user can choose the events that home pages show. On Admin Home, individual stages and all plausible combinations can be displayed. On Self-Signup Home, the choices are: all Active events, those Active events that are not yet in the past, and what unprivileged users see — those Published events that are not yet in the past.
  3. Individual schedule items can be made to display Signups Closed, by setting up a Signup/Cancel Deadline for a schedule. Similarly past this deadline, a person cannot cancel a signup or change a signup form's Enter Until fields via PRESTO.