Your Personalized View

To have a personalized view for a group, you must belong to the group. You become part of a group by registering. Thereafter you gain access to the group by logging in.

After you login, your name and links to your info will be displayed in the bottom part of Self-Signup Home:

Getting Logged in

To make it as easy as possible to login to your PRESTO group, you might want to do the following.

If you do not Logout when you leave this website, you will still be logged in when you come back. However if you need to leave PRESTO unattended in a public location, you should logout or password-protect your screen.

The PRESTO User Forum

The user forum is provided to help groups find information and collaborate. It enables people to participate in multi-person discussions in their group or across the entire PRESTO community. Using the forum is much like using email.

Logging in gives you access to those messages in the forum that are only shared within your group. Additionally you will be able to create forum messages — both group-only and PRESTO-wide ones.