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From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
These apply to Mac Users Only -
All this feature does is save a text edit file with comma separated values, it does not import them into you calendar (maddening). But, there are work arounds,

If you open the csv.txt document with Word for Mac, you can convert it to a table (selecting "separate at commas".
However, the headings will be off.
There are nine or ten columns, with the first two headings, appearing in positions 8 and 9.
If you move all the columns over by two, and insert the correct headings, the table will make sense -
Except for the nonsense columns - "All Day Event" will always equal False, so just delete that entire column.
Also, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time columns contain superfluous info. Just go ahead and delete" End Date column and you will show your Date, Start Time and end time.

The one bug I haven't solved is:
for some bizarre reason, the csv's table lists all the "closed" positions as well as the "all set" positions. However, there is no specification which is which. Furthermore it doesn't always list all the "closed" positions.

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