Self-Signup Overview

Choosing to do an activity is always called a signup.

Doing a Signup

Finding What You Want to Signup for

If you are not sure what some activity is about, click on it name. This will display any description that your event staff supplied for the activity.

PRESTO enables you to display different views of an event's overall signup schedule:

When not logged in, you can see which activities are available, but you cannot do signups. (Note: Available to Some means the event staff has setup qualifications for that activity. If after logging in, it now says Unmet Prereqs, your registration info lacks a needed prerequisite).

Signup Procedure

A signup is started by clicking on an activity's button. The next step is to fill out the form this displays and click on OK. If you are not sure what to enter, click on the form's Help link. Any help provided by your event staff for entering fields will be displayed.

When PRESTO replies to your OK click, it replaces the activity's button with your signup's status:

When PRESTO replies to your OK click, it also provides a Cancel link so you can back out if need be. Similarly if the signup form had input fields, it provides an Edit link so you can change values in the form if need be.

Types of Activities

There are different kinds of activitites your event staff might make available to you. Activities that are done at the event are described by a date and time. Signing up for such an activity means you are committing to show up at the indicated time.

Event Planning activities have some kind of target date. The basic cases are:

When You Are Done Doing Signups

You can leave the self-signup page whenever you want: