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Filling In the Registration Form

For you to login and do signups, you must be in the people database. Registering is what adds you to the people database. Fill in at least the starred(*) fields, and then click on the Register button.

  • Name. Enter at least a first and last name. Enter parenthesized text when a person's informal name is different than his full name. For example, if John Q Public III liked being called John Public, one would enter John, (Q), and Public (III). Administrators would see John (Q) Public (III), but John would see "John Public" when he logged in, and so on.

    If someone else has the name you entered:
    Every person in the database must have a unique name. If PRESTO reports that the name you entered is already in use, just alter what you entered. For example, you could enter a nickname, add a middle name/initial, or include parenthesized text anywhere in the name.

  • Email Address. A person enters this to login, and this is where PRESTO sends messages to this person.
  • Phone Numbers. Including an area code in phone numbers is preferred. Also if you have an alternate phone number, you may enter it in the 2nd phone field (and preface it with a short comment about when it might be of use, if desired).
  • State. State should be a 2-letter abbreviation.
  • Universe. Where she lives


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