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Save Time and Energy
Get Happy Users:

"PRESTO has dramatically simplified the job of scheduling & tracking the 90-plus volunteers who work at each of our sales. And our volunteers love how fast & easy it is to sign up online".

Lynn Cohen, Chair of the Westford Library used book sale

"Set up of our 1st PRESTO event took just a couple of hours. And when scheduling opened for the volunteers, compliments for the auto-
mated system accompanied the signups. Also technical support has been superb: prompt and persistent".

The Volunteer Scheduling Team, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House

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Is This What You Are Up Against?
  • Signing up people and dealing with changes and cancellations.
  • Insuring signed-up people know when and remember when to show up.
  • Capturing what you learn at events so future events are easier to run.
Then PRESTO Is For You!
PRESTO is a web application for managing a group and signing up people for events — such as sales, performances, or seminars. It makes it easy to:
  • Create a contact-list database and email personalized announcements.
  • Build the web pages on which people select what they want to signup for.
  • Keep track of signups and automatically remind people to show up.

To adopt PRESTO: click HERE and fill out the form.

This creates your very own PRESTO website on our web server. And it truly is your own website — because its pages contain no ads or other distractions.

FREE Consultation: we help setup your group and 1st event (details).

FREE Usage: 1st 500 people & 1st 500 signups/year are free (details).

People database. Import your current contact list and register new people.
R Report generation. Display and print reports about people or signups.
E Email. Personalized announcements and automatic signup confirmations.
S Signup schedules and forms. Easy to build, easy to signup.
T Templates. Reuse event designs, messages, and more.
O Online access and sharing. Access your data from anywhere.


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