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About Us

The name says it all: People, Reports, Email, Signups, Templates, Online.

Our Background and What We Do

Seth Cohen created PRESTO Group & Event Manager in 2009 to help the Westford, Mass. Friends of the Library signup and manage the volunteers for their 4-times-a-year book sale.

The goals of that initial project remain a big part of our mission:

  • Enable non-technical groups to create on-line schedules.
  • Make it easy for people to signup for things on a schedule.
  • Take the hassle out of keeping track of everyone who has signed up.
  • Provide these services for FREE to small non-profit groups.

But that is not the whole story. PRESTO has the features, dependability, performance, and technical support required to satisfy organizations that rely on such services throughout the year. It is great for performance venues that have volunteer ushers or parking attendants. It is great for businesses that need to manage a resource, such as courts at a tennis club.

Our Technology

PRESTO is a web app. Thus you do not have to install or ever update PRESTO, and your group's data is on-line and secure. Other benefits of this include the following. You can use PRESTO from any kind of system, including a smart phone. You can access your group's data from any computer you have access to. Everyone always accesses the same up-to-date data. We take care of backing up your data for you.

The prestogem.com server is hosted at RailsPlayground. Their data centers are staffed 24/7, and provide fault tolerant data storage, redundant power, fire protection, and digital security.

Open source components used by PRESTO:

  • Programming Languages: Ruby, HTML, JavaScript
  • Web Application Server: Ruby on Rails
  • Web Server: Apache + Phusion Passenger
  • Database: MySQL

Contacting Us

For more information about adopting PRESTO, please email sales@prestogem.com. For support, please click here. If you know someeone you think might like to use PRESTO, please click here.


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