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Privacy Policy

We will never disclose your group's contact list or other information to another organization. Further, we will not access your information, except insofar as it is necessary to provide technical support to your website and spot check violations of the Terms of Use.

We will not post the name of your group on our website without your permission.

Terms of Use

Copyrighted Material and Branding

Use of our copyrighted material outside of your PRESTO website requires our written permission.

if you refer to PRESTO Group & Event Manager on a public web page or in an announcement, please use the full name at least once (i.e. PRESTO Group & Event Manager). After that, it is okay to refer to it by its nickname — PRESTO (all caps).

Liability Disclaimer

(Athough it is impossible to make guarantees, we do carefully test all the changes we make, we do our best to notify you of material changes, and we do protect your data physically and via login passwords).

You Use PRESTO at Your Own Risk

Storing highly confidential data like credit card numbers is not an appropriate use of your PRESTO database. More generally, under no circumstances shall PRESTO be liable for damages resulting from its use, from future changes, or from a failure to notify you of a change's impact on your current operations.

Future Changes May Not Be Presumed

PRESTO Group & Event Manager is provided AS IS. There are no warranties as to performance, fitness for a particular purpose, or anything else. The prestogem.com server is provided AS IS. There are no warranties as to performance, data integrity, security, or anything else.

Force Majeure

PRESTO will not be liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. We will make every reasonable effort to reduce to a minimum and mitigate the effect of any Force Majeure.

Use Restrictions


PRESTO management is the sole arbiter of what constitutes a violation of the Terms of Use, and we reserve the right to spot check site activity to insure that violations are not occurring.

We understand that many people have access to your website, and that you do not have direct control of them. Nonetheless you the account holder are ultimately responsible for your website conforming to the Terms of Use. Accordingly if someone besides you commits a violation, we will give you the chance to deal with the offender. You must either rectify the problem or delete the offender from your people database. Only if you fail to do so will we apply the penalties described herein.

Violators of the Terms of Use are responsible for paying for any damage caused by a violation. We will pursue civil remedies if necessary to make this happen.

Illegal or Improper Use of Your Website

The following activities are prohibited, and will result in the immediate termination of the violator's account. When applicable, we will also notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.

  • PRESTO websites may not be used, directly or indirectly, in support of illegal activities.
  • Attempting to compromise system or network security is prohibited.
  • Attempting to overload the prestogem.com server or otherwise deny service to other PRESTO clients is prohibited.
  • Sending spam via PRESTO's email services is prohibited.
  • Creating or sending viruses or other malware is prohibited.
  • Creating, selling, sending, or linking to pornographic material is prohibited.

If we discover your site is guilty of any of the following activities, we will inform you of the problem by email. If the activity persists, your account will be terminated.

  • Entering offensive or other inappropriate comments in the PRESTO user forum, sending such email, or otherwise harassing another client or PRESTO is unacceptable.
  • Abuse of any communication channel is unacceptable. (Sending email to support@prestogem.com about a phony problem would be an example of such abuse).
  • A significant level of activity not directed towards your website's intended purpose is unacceptable. A PRESTO website's intended purpose is managing your group or its events: signing up people for events, doing group-related surveys, sending group-related announcements, and so on.


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