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Build a signup procedure:

  1. Review these design considerations.
  2. Click on Make Signup Schedule. Then create the event's signup schedule(s). As part of this (or from Manage Activities), create the activities people can signup for.
  3. If you have info you want people to supply when they signup, use Make Signup Form to create and update a form for entering this data.
  4. Click on Setup Auto-Messages. Then specify which actions send a confirmation message to the affected person. If desired, customize the auto-messages themselves.

Setup desired info sharing:

  1. If you want to provide instructions on the event's self-signup page, enter them on the Update Event Properties page.
  2. If you want to provide people the big picture of what goes on at your event, use Make Event Synopsis.
  3. If you want reports about the signups you get, create them using Make/Output Report.

Solicit and manage signups:

  1. If/when you want to allow self-signups, set the event's web stage to Published.
  2. Announce your event, as described here. If desired, save a draft for later use.
  3. Later, use Email Announcement to send everyone a reminder (or use it to schedule automatic reminders).

When the event is over:

  1. If desired, use Email Announcement to send Thank You notes to everyone who helped out.
  2. Update event's Web Stage when/if desired.

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