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Topic's Subject: General admin questions
R3's Subject: Why are the date/times in my report sorted out of order?
R4's Subject: How do I make a report display only future schedule items? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
On the report page, there is a section near the bottom that says "Report is about:". You want to use Search to constrain what the report is about. The key thing is to click on Add Matches and fill in Days of Activity. In addition to specific dates, you can enter relative values. For tomorrow to end of schedule, enter 1 and *. (See the Search help under Types of matches for more info on this).

You also need to coordinate this Search is-about item with any other criteria defined for this report.

  • If you simply want all such signups for the current event (or all active events or whatever), delete any other is-about items and set the Search's Event Category to Current Event (or whatever).
  • If you want to keep and constrain your existing scope, click on Switch to Per Person Searches before adding the Search described above.

If you want the report to always display only future stuff, now click on Save Them (after Temporary Output Rules).

Note that a report such as this is actually about signups, not schedule items per se. So if you have schedule items that no one has signed up for, they will not appear in the report. If this is an issue for you, they only thing you can do is put a dummy person (say Not Assigned) in your people database and signup this dummy person where necessary.

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