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Topic's Subject: Questions about running events
R6's Subject: How do I allow people to see who else has signed up for an event?
R7's Subject: How do I list everyone who hasn't signed up for an event? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
If you want to list only these people, set current event as desired, goto Email Announcement, select Those Not Yet Signed Up from the 3rd TO-list pulldown menu, and click on Preview. If you will be doing this periodically, you should save the message in the Drafts folder as well.

You could also create a report that contains a Person's Name column and a Person's Signups column. You would tell who hasn't signed up for the current event by seeing what is in each person's Person's Signups column. If you have had just a few events, you could get by with Everyone in Database being the only is-about item. In general though, you should make the report be about: Everyone in Database, Per-Person Marker, Matches of Current Event.

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