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Topic's Subject: Questions about building signup schedules
R4's Subject: Can I make a "placeholder" schedule item -- one that cannot be signed up for?
R5's Subject: Can someone signup for 2 activities with overlapping durations? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
A person can signup for multiple planning activities, even if they all list the same date.

It is not possible to signup for 2 main on-site activities that overlap. When you want to allow overlapping, either or both of the activities must be given the On-site Background Task type.

Note that when you create a schedule item for a background task, you have 3 ways to identify when it is:

  • If you specify no times, it displays Anytime. This is for when the activity may be completed any time during the day.
  • If you specifiy just a start time, it displays "about start-time". This is for activities like "Deliver Refreshments". Note that you can replace the "about" with another Intro term if desired.
  • If you specify both times, it displays start-end. As noted above, this is for activities that can be done in parallel with other activities (e.g. Answer the Doorbell).

If you have 2 main on-site tasks alot of people signup for, but you want to capture the fact that one person will be doing the 1st, and for a little while helping out with the 2nd, you only have 2 so-so choices. You could make one of the tasks a background task — ignoring the fact that other people may inappropriately signup for both. Or you could put a Notes field in your signup form to record such things.

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