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Topic's Subject: Questions about running events
R4's Subject: Can I assign multiple positions to an organization, rather than signing up individual registered people?
R5's Subject: Is there a way to attach a note to an activity/shift someone has signed up for? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
Yes, this is what Make Signup Form is for. Signup forms enable you to associate any fields you want to with a signup. Conversely you can include such fields in any reports that you create.

First create the form:

  • Select Create Form from the dropdown menu at the top of Make Signup Form.
  • Name the new form as desired.
  • You probably want to check the Is Default Form box (but see below as well*).
  • Click on Create Form

Now create the field:

  • Click on Add Field.
  • Make it a Text field.
  • Name it Notes or Comments or the like.
  • Choose how many lines tall you want it
  • If notes should be entered/seen only by administrators, select ADMIN-ONLY DIVIDER or later in the title line's dropdown menu. Otherwise set the User Can... dropdown menu to Enter It or View It, depending on whether users can create their own notes or only look at notes you create.
  • (If you need both user notes and admin-only notes, simply create two fields).

*By default, activities are associated with an event's default form. So if you want this to be the form of all activities and you checked the box mentioned above, you are done. Otherwise you need to tell PRESTO which activities this signup form is associated with. To do this, go to Manage Activities and use Select and Update to get things right.

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