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Topic's Subject: General user questions
R6's Subject: Is it possible for me to signup other people as well as myself?
R7's Subject: What should I do if my list of signups includes a signup I did not do? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups

Assuming you did not forget doing it (or having an admin do it on your behalf), this probably means someone has hacked into your PRESTO account. To rectify this, follow the instructions below. These instructions would also apply if you noticed signup cancellations or registration info changes that you did not do.

The first thing you need to do is to prevent the hacker from logging in:

  • If your group uses passwords (even if you login via email), you must change your password.
    • If you know your password, click on the Change Password link after your name while logged in.
    • Otherwise while logged out, click on the Don't Know Password button at the top of Self-Signup Home (if there) or the Login page's Don't Know Password link.
    • If you cannot change your password, it may mean the hacker changed your login info. If so, you will need help from an admin person of your group to proceed.
  • Since PRESTO security depends on the security of your email account, your need to change your email password as well if you think your email account might also have been hacked.
  • If you login automatically via a link in an email message, login into PRESTO, click on the down-arrow to the right of the Logout button, and select Turn Off Email Logins.
    • If you want to continue doing email logins, click on Logout's down-arrow again and select Allow, & Send Me Link. (You need a new link because turning off email logins zaps the login-ability of all existing links).
  • If your group does not use passwords, there is nothing you can directly do. All you can do is suggest to your group that it change its PRESTO password policy.

To prevent being hacked again:

  • Choose un-guessable email and PRESTO passwords.
  • If you login automatically via an email link, recall that forwarding the auto-login message allows the recipient to login as you.
  • Do not leave an email or PRESTO session unattended at an insecure location.

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