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Topic's Subject: General user questions
R5's Subject: On Self-Signup Home, should I visit a schedule by clicking on its name, or the magnifying glass to the left of its name?
R6's Subject: Is it possible for me to signup other people as well as myself? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
Without planning ahead, the only way to do this for someone is to enter that person's login info and click on the Login button.

There are 2 ways to plan ahead:

  1. People who allow Email Logins can allow you to login as them. All each person has to do is email you a message containing his/her login-able link. You would just click on the appropriate link when you want to do a signup for that person.

    Note: a browser creates a new tab each time you click on a link in an email message. Because all tabs of an app share the same login state, you might as well close your current PRESTO tab before you switch to a new user. Alternately IF AND ONLY IF you are running your browser in a secure location, you could create a bookmark after the 1st email login for each user. Then you would not have to switch back and forth between your email app and PRESTO, and the logins would all occur in 1 tab..

  2. You can ask your admin for Agent privilege. Then your Self-Signup Home will contain additional buttons at the top of the page, including See/Do Signups. However admins will not do this lightly; these buttons will allow you to signup ANY registered person, cancel ANY signup, and more.

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R7's Subject: What should I do if my list of signups includes a signup I did not do?


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