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Topic's Subject: General user questions
R4's Subject: Why do PRESTO pages sometimes say "register" and other times "signup"?
R5's Subject: On Self-Signup Home, should I visit a schedule by clicking on its name, or the magnifying glass to the left of its name? Next Match 
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It depends what you want to do. If you want to go directly to some schedule, click on its name.

If you are interested in just part of the schedule or a different layout, click on its magnifying glass. Select a date range, a time range, a layout, or whatever, and then click on the Display View button. If you think you might use this view again (e.g. you like a Calendar layout rather than what the event staff chose), just click on the Save It link in the schedule's title line.

Either way, be aware of whether the Only Items Still Available box is checked. If it is, it is possible that what you display will contain few or no schedule items. In other words, as an event gets nearer, fewer and fewer spots are still available to be signed up for.

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