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Topic's Subject: General user questions
R3's Subject: If nothing happens when I click on a PRESTO command (like a Signup button), what should I do?
R4's Subject: Why do PRESTO pages sometimes say "register" and other times "signup"? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
In PRESTO, they mean different things.

Registering is what puts you in your group's PRESTO database. When you register, you enter your identification info, like your name, email address, and password -- plus any group-specific info your admin added to the registration form. Thus once you are registered, PRESTO knows about you, and you can login, do signups, be sent announcements, and so on. (If you are not yet registered, click the Register link at the top of Self-Signup Home).

Signing up is how you say you want to do an activity at an event. (Events are the things going on in your group. Schedules contain all the schedule items you can click on to signup. A schedule item identifies an activity and when the activity is. An activity is what you want to do).

In summary, you get registered just once, but over time you might signup for many different activities.

Admin-only note:
Customize Registration Form is for info you want to gather about people (e.g. date of birth). Make Signup Form is for info you want to gather about doing an activity or participating in an event (e.g. how many hours the person worked).

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