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Topic's Subject: General user questions
R2's Subject: I just got a new email address, what now?
R3's Subject: If nothing happens when I click on a PRESTO command (like a Signup button), what should I do? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups

There are a number of possibilities:

  • If Javascript is not enabled in your browser, you need to enable it.
  • A browser can get hung. If this is the issue, exiting and restarting your browser will fix this.
  • Your browser can have a bug or be misconfigured. If this is the issue, using a different browser will solve the problem.
  • There could be an Internet problem. If so, the problem will normally go away within a few minutes at most.
  • If none of the above apply, report the problem to us as described on the Help/Support page.

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R4's Subject: Why do PRESTO pages sometimes say "register" and other times "signup"?
R5's Subject: On Self-Signup Home, should I visit a schedule by clicking on its name, or the magnifying glass to the left of its name?
R6's Subject: Is it possible for me to signup other people as well as myself?
R7's Subject: What should I do if my list of signups includes a signup I did not do?


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