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Topic's Subject: Questions about running events
R1's Subject: Do I need to create a new group whenever I want to run a new event?
R2's Subject: How do I test and then activate the self-signup schedule of my new event? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
For people to see your schedule, its event must be set to Published (via its Stage dropdown menu on Admin Home).

To test the schedule out before that, login as an admin and go to Self-Signup Home. Notice that the schedule is italicized in the What's Going On table. This is how you know it is not published yet*. Now set the Enabled Privileges menu to Self Only and/or See All Signups, depending on the privilege levels you gave your users. When you visit the schedule, you will see exactly what real users will see**.

*If you ever want the What's Going On table itself to be exactly what real users see, set the List dropdown menu under the table to Published.

**However if you use conditional activities, different users see different schedule items. To test out a particular user's view, either set your roles to match hers or:
1) Do an Update Person for her and then immediately click the Cancel button.
2) Do a Register Person, click the Load Last link, and tweak the Name field, and then login as this dummy person.

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