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Topic's Subject: Questions about building signup schedules
R1's Subject: We have adult and children activities. What can we do to avoid people signing up for the wrong category?
R2's Subject: How do I create a schedule item about a long-term job? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
You should create a Planning schedule item, rather than an On-site item (see the radio buttons at the top of Add Item's dialog box).

If this schedule item is how someone acquires the job:

  • Set its Date to when the job is supposed to start.
  • Give the schedule item's activity a Type of Planning Position.
  • If it's an application rather than simply volunteering, set the activity's Signup Style to Request rather than Immediate.

If the schedule item is how you want to solicit interest in the job:

  • Set its Date to when answers to the survey need to be submitted.
  • Give the schedule item's activity a Type of Questionnaire.

In either case, create and associate a signup form with the activity if there is any information you want people to supply when they do the signup. For example, maybe you want them to describe any relevant experience they have. Conversely if there is any information they should know about before doing the signup, put it in the activity's Description.

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