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Topic's Subject: Questions about building signup schedules
R2's Subject: How do I create a schedule item about a long-term job?
R3's Subject: When would I give an activity a Request signup style instead of the Immediate style? Next Match 
From: PRESTO Team To: All Groups
When Signup Style is Immediate, the signup is official as soon as PRESTO processes the Signup button click. Conversely you use a Request style when you want an admin to Approve or Reject the request before things are official. (Note that if you use requests, you can setup approval and rejection Auto Messages).

If an applicant for a job can be assigned to multiple locations, you might want to select Request (generic). That is, generic requests are useful when you want to move people to a location as part of approving a signup (see Manage Activities' help for Locations and Generic Requests for more on this).

Otherwise select Request (plain).

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R4's Subject: Can I make a "placeholder" schedule item -- one that cannot be signed up for?
R5's Subject: Can someone signup for 2 activities with overlapping durations?


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